Spaniels Ears, Beautifully Designed, Blank Greetings Card

Spaniels Ears, Beautifully Designed, Blank Greetings Card

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These beautifully designed greetings cards are perfect to buy, and store in a box, ready for that unexpected moment when you wish you had a card to send someone. Yes, some of us are still old-fashioned enough to realize that receiving something through the post still offers people a smile and a could even make their day. It may be old-fashioned, but you are making the effort to send something to a loved one that they can keep, and even frame this piece of artwork.

All the designs come straight from Dee's collection of original Oil & Watercolour paintings, making these cards unique, and not something you will find on the High Street.

The reverse shows the design title and a smaller image of the design in the centre of the back of the card.

Inside is left blank so that you can decide what to say, and how to say it. It comes complete with white envelope and cellophane wrapper to keep it clean.