Our Founder and Principal Designer, Dee dedicates the majority of her time to creating new works of art and unique designs.

You will see from her extensive portfolio, that is admired and respected around the globe, that much of her influence is drawn from her passion for vibrant colours, and her undying love of Mother Nature. No surprise, therefore, to discover that many of her finest creations and inspirations are borne from her time spent either at the family home in the Cotswolds or her second home in the Dordogne. This, coupled with the brilliance and creativity of the hand-picked team of individuals, formed by Dee, is how we are able to bring you our stunning collections.

 Dee's background is varied, from a career as a Professional Behaviorist & Psychotherapist, then to create a company who ethos was to encourage people to be comfortable just being who they are, inspiring them to fulfill their potential.

After a near death experience in 2002, Dee has never looked back, vowing to get the most out of life, enjoy her family, and never take love for granted. She has a romantic side to her personality which you will see shows through her expressionistic design flare.
“You can never have enough cushions”

‘Let’s face it’ Dee says ‘You can never have enough cushions, my husband may disagree, but all my friends, adore their cushions.' 

'Why? It is very simple. Even on a tight budget, you can revamp your home using soft furnishings, adding colour and ambiance to even the coldest room in the house. I think I probably love cushions as much as,(if not more than) shoes.'

Trade enquiries are welcome. Please email dee@deegardner.co.uk