Autumn Confetti, Velvet Easy Chair

Autumn Confetti, Velvet Easy Chair

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Designer: Dee Gardner

Oh, the wonderful colour of Autumn, and the imagination and creativity of Dee's Design leaves us wondering why she can see colour where perhaps we cannot. Trees are a constant source of inspiration and are forever changing. Always beautiful and always comforting.

Featured as part of the ‘Grandmas Garden Collection’, inspired by Dees’ Mothers garden set amongst the beautiful Cotswold countryside, which she helped create over many years. The garden comes alive with wonderful Cosmos flowers that attract honey bees every Summer, that cannot help but to make one smile.

Our beautiful easy chairs handmade in the UK are ideal for any room in the house. they are gorgeous to look at yet sturdy and built to last. Deep firm foam fills the seat with wadding and webbing making it practical and comfortable. 

Weight of chair 7 KG

Height of chair 74 cm

Longest depth 63 cm taking kick out of legs in to consideration

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Colour may vary slightly to image.